Download the NSRDEC BOTAA_17-01 REQUEST FOR PROJECT PROPOSAL (RPP) 18-02 Army Combat Boot (ACB) Prototypes

Download the NSRDEC-BOTAA

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  • Cultivating a highly motivated, expert, and agile workforce
  • Exceeding customer and stakeholder expectations
  • Delivering what we promise at an unprecedented pace and honoring our commitments
  • Fostering long term strategic partnerships and collaborations with key customers, other Government agencies, industry and academia.

General information on NSRDEC can be obtained from the NSRDEC website at https://www.nsrdec.army.mil/.

Under the authority of 10 U.S.C. 2371b, NSRDEC seeks to award funding through Other Transaction Agreements (OTAs or Agreements) to non-traditional and traditional defense contractors for prototype projects within NSRDEC's Areas of Interest. NSRDEC is interested in efforts directed toward the development of enabling technologies that speed up the advanced development process.

This Broad Other Transaction Authority Announcement (BOTAA) provides information, submission instructions, evaluation and selection criteria, and award administration.

How the process works:

  • Offerors may submit preproposals against any area of interest listed in Section IV of the BOTAA. Additional areas of interest may be issued through a seperate Request for Project Proposal. (Note: Guidelines for the requirements of a preproposal are listed in Section III.B 1.) of the BOTAA
  • Preproposals are reviewed by the Government.
  • If there is interest, the Government will reply with a Request for Full Proposal (RFFP) within 60-90 days. (Note: The Guidelines for all required information needed for a full proposal is explained in Section III B 2. of the BOTAA)
  • The offeror will prepare and submit the full proposal within the period of time stated in the RFFP. This is generally set at 30 days.
  • Once received, the Government will evaluate the proposal.
  • Discussions among the parties, whether verbally or in writing, will occur as appropriate.
  • The Government will send an agreement to the offeror.
  • Additional discussions will occur as necessary.
  • Awards will be made after evaluation and selection of a successful proposal. (Note: Awards are dependent upon the availability of funds.)
  • The complete NSRDEC BOTAA provides specific details of the NSRDEC areas of interest and procedures for submitting pre-proposals.