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Contract Specialist (GS - 1102 Job Series)

The contract specials performs developmental and/or recurring assignments in support of local installation or in a centralized procurement activity. The specialist procures supplies or services primarily through formal advertising, or through limited use of negotiation techniques. Negotiated transactions are usually developmental assignments designed to increase the employee's skill and knowledge. Requirements involve standardized specifications and establish markets. Typical examples include such technical items as special machine parts or special purpose equipment, or such services as repair, rental, education, and maintenance of machines and equipment.

Price/Cost Analyst (GS - 1102 Job Series)

The cost/price analyst performs contract price and cost analysis in a buying or contract administration office with responsibility for analyzing a variety of proposed procurements, supplement procurements, contract changes, price redeterminations, terminations, and others as required. Analysis involve a wide range of factors effecting contractor's cost and prices, although pertinent historical data are generally available. Examples of procurement include research and development contracts, engineering, services, weapons systems hardware, ADPE, engineering change proposals, spare parts provisioning such as parts used in aircraft or ground equipment, service contracts, and/or facilities and supply contracts to include the prime producer as well as major component producers.

Procurement Analyst (GS - 1102 Job Series)

The procurement analyst is responsible for the review of contracts and contracting actions for a variety of supply, service, and/or construction contracts; for the development of guidance material; and for providing technical advice to management and contracting officers at an activity procuring a wide variety of items, the most complex of which include extensive negotiations involving cost or pricing data and special or unusual contract terms. Requirements typically range form standard items to specialized items, e.g., equipment or services needed to support a research and envelopment activity; ADP equipment, software and related services; and/or alteration and repair projects.