Automated Installation Entry-3 (AIE 3)

The objective of this acquisition is to provide Automated Installation Entry (AIE) hardware and software for up to 35 plus military installations. AIE provides timely, effective and efficient threat detection necessary for installation commanders to assess and react in all threat environments. AIE automates access control processes for authorized and registered personnel entering an installation. AIE improves access/denial accuracy and enables near real-time changes of authentication requirements in response to changes in force protection conditions. The AIE acquisition will enhance installation security and improve both pedestrian and vehicle throughput at Access Control Points (ACP).

The Government anticipates posting of the final RFP during the mid to late FEB 2013 timeframe. Questions may be submitted up to 22 JAN 2013. However, responses to the questions will be provided with the formal RFP posting. Note: the NAICS code for this effort has been changed from 334119 as posted in the original Sources Sought notice in FEB 2012. The revised NAICS code is 334118 due to the 2012 NAICS Code reclassification. The Sequence of Events in Section L will be amended in the final RFP to reflect the new timeframes going forward.

Point of Contact:
Tom Halverson
Contract Specialist


Appendix A - Product Demonstrations