Customer Info

Once again we are nearing the end of another fiscal year. Natick Contracting Division's ability to meet your end of fiscal year obligation requirements is going to depend on you, our customer and partner, to provide us with complete requirement packages in a timely manner. In order for Natick Contracting Division to manage your workload and meet all End of Year requirements, the timeline for submission of actions is as follows:

  • Noncommercial Items Over $150,000 - 01 June (on a case by case basis thereafter)
  • Noncommercial Items Between $3,000 and $150,000 - 01 June
  • Commercial Items Greater Than $150,000 - 01 June
  • Commercial Items Under $150,000 - 01 July

**It is suggested that customers consult with their Resource Management POC to determine if they have internal accounting deadlines.

Please be advised that every effort will be made to award acquisitions, received by the above dates, by 30 September 2017 unless there are extenuating circumstances. Any acquisitions received after these dates will be at significant risk and handled on a case by case basis. Customers should be prepared to regularly update their 1-N prioritization lists for FY17/FY18 actions. Planning for FY18 competitive actions should already have begun. Depending on the dollar value and complexity, a schedule of 3 to 9 months from contracting's receipt of a complete acquisition can be anticipated.

If you have questions, please contact the appropriate POC identified below:

  • Mr. Thomas Bouchard: 508-233-6185
  • Mr. Sean Murphy: 508-233-6174
  • Mr. Peter McDonald: 508-233-6144
  • Mr. Richard Alves: 508-233-6161
  • Mr. Lawrence Mize: 301-619-9813
  • Mr. John Conlin: 508-233-6164