DHA Omnibus IV Contract Vehicle for Military Medical Research Services


The U.S. Army Contracting Command - Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG), Natick Contracting Division (NCD), on behalf of Defense Health Agency (DHA), has a requirement to provide an infrastructure of personnel, materials, equipment, facilities, science, and technology that will sustain an acceptable level of medical research within the DoD.

The Omnibus 4 contracting vehicle is established to enhance the related medical research and development programs of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, including programs funded by the Center for Disease Control and other DoD/Federal/civilian programs. Historically, the Omnibus contracting vehicles over the last nine years (including Omnibus 1, 2 and 3) has been a productive vehicle (approximately $1 billion in contracts) for discovery and integration of innovative medical knowledge and material solutions to continually enhance Force health readiness, resilience, and rehabilitation. An added value of Omnibus 4 is research and development migrating into the military medical treatment facilities via translational science. The Defense Health Agency (represented by the lead client agency Air Force Medical Service) has a broad-scope requirement for military medical research.

Industry Day

ACC-APG-Natick Contracting Division hosted an Industry Day to discuss the contractual requirements and feedback received in response to the Omnibus IV draft request for proposals (RFP). The Industry Day focused solely be on the contractual aspect of the draft RFP.

The Industry Day was held on 7 December.

DHA Omnibus IV Agenda

San Diego Convention Center

For any questions about Industry Day, please contact Brandon Rivett

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  • DRAFT W911QY-17-R-0013 DRAFT
  • 2.0 DRAFT W911QY-17-R-0013
  • Attachment 0001 Cost Price Proposal Template
  • Attachment 0002 Labor Category Descriptions
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  • THIS IS A DRAFT REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) 2.0. As part of this notice, the Government is providing a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) 2.0 for industry comment. The Government is seeking feedback from industry on all parts of this draft RFP 2.0. Feedback in response to this draft RFP 2.0 shall be submitted by email using the subject line Omnibus IV Draft RFP 2.0 Feedback. Each subject shall reference the specific RFP Section in question, for example, Section H.4 states... and all feedback shall be directed to Ms. Eileen Emond, eileen.emond.civ@mail.mil and Mr. Brandon Rivett, brandon.j.rivett.civ@mail.mil no later than 17:00 EST on 09 March 2017. The Government does not intend to provide individual responses to feedback received in response to the draft RFP 2.0. This notice is being issued solely for information purposes only and it does not constitute a RFP, or a promise to issue a RFP in the future. This notice does not commit the Government to contract for any services.


Points of Contact

Eileen Emond

Brandon Rivett