UIPE Incr. 2


The Joint Project Manager for Protection (JPM P) intends to obtain, for demonstration purposes, fully developed Chemical/Biological (CB) ensembles, CB ensemble design concepts and novel closure concepts, and active and passive cooling devices that could be used in a CB ensemble, hand wear, footwear, and respiratory protection.  All ensembles and design concepts must have the capability to provide percutaneous or respiratory protection to the Warfighter against chemical warfare agents and other hazardous materials that may be employed against Warfighters to cause injuries. The system will allow the Warfighter to perform all necessary tasks without degrading performance or increasing the risk of heat related injuries. JPM P is also looking for information on mature technologies that can be used in the design of a system. Response to this market survey is due April 2, 2016. Respondents are encouraged to submit the following to this RFI:

  1. Description and maturity level of technologies and concept of use in CB environment

  2. Any available design concepts for developed ensembles or future ensembles to include concept boards for demonstration

  3. Test reports and other documentation to support claimed performance characteristics such as CB protection (challenge level and protection time)

  4. Unique test methods required to assess performance

  5. Unique manufacturing techniques, manufacturing location, and manufacturing readiness level

  6. Availability of product

  7. Use of product (i.e., where and how it is currently used)

  8. Source of product

  9. Representative samples

  10. Price of product

  11. Packaging, handling, storage and transportation requirements/procedures

  12. Company name, address, identification of business size (less than 500 employees shall be considered small), and point of contact information (name, phone number, & email address) of the vendor responding to the RFI.

After review of RFI submissions, the Government may request samples of vendor products (not to exceed five) that appear mature for design development, strictly for market research and demonstration purposes. While the Government does not intend to request samples from all interested parties, any interested party that wishes to submit samples to the Government may do so at any time.

Submission of products will be on a voluntary basis and at no cost to the Government. Any information or samples submitted to the Government will not be returned, and no payments will be made by the Government for such information and samples.

All intellectual property submitted to JPM P will be reasonably protected from distribution to non-government entities or potential competitors. Respondents needing confidential treatment for any proprietary information they furnish must notify the Program Office upon submittal.


JPM P will host an Industry Day on March 8, 2016 from 0900-1100 to provide interested parties with additional information. The briefing will be held at the Joint Project Management Office for Protection located at 50 Tech Parkway, Suite 301 Stafford, VA. All firms interested in attending the briefing may register below. A limit of two individuals per company may attend.

One-on-one discussions, in 15-20 minute increments, between government and industry representatives will be conducted after the government briefing on March 8, 2016 from 1300-1600. Interested parties must request a one-on-one session on the registration form.

Interested companies are invited to submit questions below no later than March 4, 2016. The government will consider all questions submitted and provide answers at Industry Day, as time permits. A question and answer forum will be conducted after the government briefings.

For those individuals unable to attend the briefing, the presented material will be posted on this website.

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